Disaster Relief Donations for Joplin, MO

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A tornado hit Joplin, MO last night devastating portions of the town (that was a Walmart in that picture). I am redirecting donations that we have received here in Alabama through the Disaster Relief Donation Drive to Joplin, MO. I am working with the Pentecostal Church of God who will be accepting and distributing donations on our behalf.

Disaster Relief
c/o Pentecostal Church of God
4901 Pennsylvania Avenue
Joplin, MO 64804

Needed Supplies

Baby supplies (including diapers, wipes, A&D Ointment, baby food and juices)
Convenience food (snack type)
Diabetic Monitors with Strips
First aid supplies
Over the counter medications (mainly tylenol)
Pet food
Shampoo and Conditioner
Soap and body wash
Soap Powders and Cleaning Supplies
Sunscreen and Bug Spray
Toothpaste and Tooth Brushes

They are asking that we refrain from sending clothing.

Please remember that I will not personally be handling these boxes as I did for the drive here in Alabama. But please feel free to include little notes, etc. Those are so wonderful to receive.


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      Dawn Jones says

      My e-mail password is not working so I would like for you to contact me by phone. My cell number is 205-344-1287. I have some items to donate but am in need of a church or organization that can get the supplies to a donation site.

      Thank you.

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      Kristin from Couponing to Disney says

      They’ve been going great! We have received, sorted and distributed about 500 boxes of goods. We have gotten another 50 in since Friday morning so I am going to send those to Joplin. :)

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        Dawn Jones says

        My e-mail password is not working so I need you to contact me by phone. My cell number is 205-344-1287. I have some items to donate but need someone to get them to a donation site in Joplin.

        Thank you.

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    Amanda says

    There is a multi-denominational group in Missouri called Festival of Sharing. They’re accepting donations from all over and are already organizing to head to Joplin in the next few days. You can contact them here for more info:

    Office of Creative Ministries
    3009 David Drive Columbia, MO 65202 573-474-7155 Fax 866-247-5755

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    Corinne says

    I am a High School teacher in Rhode Island and mystudents are starting a collection of supplies to send to Joplin. Can we send these donations through your organization?

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      Amanda says

      Plz let me know asap what you find. My daughter who is 9 has been raising items such as clothes etc and I want to send them but I want to make sure all of it gets there and if I send it to goodwill etc I’m not 100% guarenteed it will all get there and i’d hate to see any of it sold in there stores. I live in RI too.

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    Pam says

    Thanks for doing this. I was just about to box up some products but will wait until you have a good address in Joplin.

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    Thank you for being among the first to get right on this! You are so giving! Sending prayers to all the people in that area.

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    Bonnie says

    what specifically should we collect to send? I’ve seen a few sites/blogs that say don’t send clothes and some other items so want to make sure we collect the right stuff that is needed/wanted. Thx for organizing Kristin!

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    Suisan says

    Kristin, we live in Northern Illinois and tornado watches have always been a part of life in spring and summer. I usually did not pay much attention to the watches/warnings but since your tornado, I have taken them much more seriously. Last night, we heard the warning on TV and heard the siren so we grabbed our cat, put him in his carrier box and headed for the basement. Luckily, no tornado in our area but we did have limbs down and ping-pong ball-sized hail. It was the storm from Missouri that came our way. Thank you for sharing your experience, also, and making everyone more aware of the eminent danger.

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    Becky graves says

    My husband pastors Calvary baptist in Joplin. We are already a certified relief area right by the damage. We currently have power and you can call brad graves @ 417-540-0335 for more info and how to help. Pls pray as so many have been affected. Thank you for your support!

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      charity says

      Hi Becky. I am Charity from Pennsylvania. I am going to post a message on facebook today about dropping off donations for the people of Joplin to help them and am also going to contact our church about getting donations to Joplin. I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I get items together. Thanks!

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    Ashley M says

    My husband’s friend from work has family there. If he decides to go up there i’ll be sending a box with him. I’m praying for everyone effected. Let us know when you find a place to send to…

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    Crystal K. says

    I’m so happy you’re doing this! I was really hoping some blogger would do the same as you had for Moody, since it went so over well. I’m close enough to Joplin to get supplies there without mailing them this time, but I am so grateful that you’re researching that method for others!

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    Andreana says

    This is GREAT Kristin… I had a box of clothing set aside (box #2) to send to AL, but then you said no more clothing so I was holding on waiting to see if another area in AL or the South needed them- then this tornado hit last night. I have a friend from Joplin that sent me a text right away and told me to hold onto the clothing to see if it was needed there and sure enough- you have this up today. Thank you! Also thanks to the others that put some addresses above. Gathering some more things and will send off to one of these addresses or another you provide soon! Praying continuously for all.


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    Jennifer says

    I’m just a little over an hour away from Joplin in Ozark. Here is an article from our local news station about how you can help. http://www.ky3.com/news/ky3-convoy-of-hope-collecting-donations-for-tornado-victims-20110523,0,7283502.story#start Also here is a facebook page for helping: http://www.facebook.com/joplinmo#!/joplinmo?sk=wall&filter=2 They are in desparate need of type O blood. Here’s a list of where you can donate if you are in the area: http://www.cbco.org/?page_id=1651 They are also in need of donations of non-perishable food, water, blankets, baby formula, diapers, clothing, and personal care items. They have lost everything and anything anyone can spare will help.

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    Jennifer says

    Specific items I’ve seen requested so far. “Items requested are blankets, clothing, hygiene products, sandwich bags, gloves, bottled water, canned foods (preferibly with pop top), peanut butter, etc.” and “The Food Bank requests that community members donate easy-open, ready-to-eat nonperishable food items, or canned goods and can openers. Snacks such as crackers and granola bars are needed. There is a demand for all types of personal hygiene items, including diapers, and paper products such as paper plates, eating utensils, paper towels and toilet paper. Cleaning supplies are also accepted. Water bottles are not a priority from donors at this time.”

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        Jennifer says

        Sorry, I don’t have one for donations being mailed. Looks like Kristen was able to find a place to mail donations too though. :)

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    Jennifer says

    Kristen, Fellow coupon blogger Frugal Fritzie http://www.frugalfritzie.com/ is from the Joplin area, I believe. I’m not sure how to get a hold of her but if you are able to get in contact with her she may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Carrie G. says

    Does anyone know why clothing is not needed? I have another box I was going to send to Alabama when i read that they were no longer in need of clothing; a few of the items in my box (which is already sealed and ready to go) are new-with-tags clothing items – do you think I should send it anyway? I hate to make extra work for those already volunteering their time…

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      Andreana says

      Me too… wondering where to send the clothing. With people losing everything, it would still seem there would be a need? My box is ready too.


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      Mandy says

      I think they are still in search and rescue mode, but most of the churches will take clothing and hand out as needed. At least that is what I am reading on facebook pages.

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      A lot of my family lives in the Joplin area. They are all okay and their houses were not in the direct path. I have been following this story closely online, on tv and with phone calls to my mom. They just do not have the space, and man power to sort and organize clothing donations. I have seen repeatedly that the best way to donate at this time is to send money, not items. They money is then used to buy things locally so they do not have the storage issues. I do know many churches in the area are having donation drives. You can find more information on what is needed and where to donate here.

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      Dawn Jones says

      I need you to contact me by phone bcause I am having problems with my e-mail. My cell number is 205-344-1287. I live in Tuscaloosa, AL where the April 27th tornado destroyed a large portion of our city, causing loss of lives, serious injuries and massive destruction. I was appauled to read in our local newspaper that people had driven cross-country with clothing and water and was told they couldn’t accept the items. I think is might be because of a lack of storage space since storage units were damaged/destroyed such as some churches, our Salvation Army building, etc. I am accepting donations from anyone/everyone willing to donate. I was the disaster relief person at my church. I am now coordinated with other churches and orginazations trying to meet people’s needs. I am still receiving calls from people needing clothing. I rcvd a call yesterday. I am willing to accept the clothing if you would like to send it. Just call and let me know how you plan to get the clothes here.

      Thank you so much for your concern and kindness. May God continue to bless you.

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    Denise says

    My friend Crystal (for an update) Lost her oldest son age 9 in the Joplin tornado last night. Please pray for her. Her other son is at St. Jude’s Children’s hospital no word on his condition, and Crystal got beat up, cut and bruised pretty bad and is at another hospital in Springfield MO. Your prayers are coveted.

    Things the websites are telling me. They do need clothes right now, but it will become overwhelming of clothes donations in the next days, so best to not send them now till asked.

    They need NEW towels and toiletries.

    THEY REALLY NEED O- and followed by O+ BLOOD RIGHT NOW. Consider going to the Red Cross in your area and donating. ALL BLOODTYPES ARE NEEDED AND WELCOMED, but they have a shortage in the O’s because they are universal donors. AND IT IS FREE! Got to love free.


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    Hello, this is Darryl, a fellow blogger on the west coast. Because of shipping costs, we thought it might be best to partner with couponers in the Midwest area, specifically in Missouri, that can help us out. We’d like to post a coupon drive on our blog and in our town, but would need a point person (or group, perhaps?) to take the coupons we send out and use them to get deals at their local stores.

    Is there anyone interested in helping us with this project? Please let me know so that we can get the ball rolling! I know that there was a group in Alabama that took on this project last time, so hopefully someone will be able to help this time, as well.


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    Bree says

    kristin, Thank you so much for putting in this sort of effort and giving us the opportunity to help others. Often we hear on the news just the reports about these disasters and a link, but you are putting in effort and that creates action.

  18. 45

    Juliana says

    Ugh, I was just watching the news and can’t stop crying! This is SO sad :(
    I want to donate so badly, but I can’t afford the shipping costs. I literally live paycheck to paycheck (hence the couponing!) and shipping costs are so high. I wish I could find a local place that is collecting to send there.

    Does anyone know of a way to find out if any local places are accepting donations? I’m not even sure where to begin to look :(

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      Leah Ann says

      I hear that UPS is shipping donations for free. I have collected 10 boxes of items that I want to get there myself. I have atleast 200 tooth brushes and toothpaste along with many other hygeine items.

  19. 48

    Heather says

    My name is Heather and I live in Phoenix, Az. We will be driving through Joplin next week and I would like to donate some of my stockpile. Does anyone know of a drop off in MO??? Thanks… cram.heather@gmail.com

  20. 49

    Linda says

    We have a couple leaving Wed heading to Tuscaloosa and they said Ridgecrest Baptist Church at 912 31St St E Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 is accepting donations of all kinds to handout to locals. Their phone # (205) 553-9063.

  21. 50

    Sam says

    Hello, I was just wondering if I could send donations to this church from Indiana. My school is starting a drive, and we weren’t sure of where to send the supplies. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Thanks!

  22. 51

    Anne says

    I just heard on the local news (here in St. Louis) that as many as 1500 people are still missing. :-(

  23. 55

    Chrissy Whiting says

    I just wanted you to know that I just refernced you on fb! Also, my company is doing a drive that I am personally handling! Donations can be taken to Knox Laboratory in Tulsa at 57th and Memorial or Knox Laboratory-Bartlesville on Hwy 75. Donations can also me mailed to:

    Knox Laboratory-Bartlesville
    C/O Chrissy Whiting
    2230 SE Washington Blvd #103
    Bartlesville, OK 74006

    Ps… Thank you for helping me save so much money that I am able to give back like this! Joplin is a short drive and I will make as many trips as needed!

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      Are you shopping for supplies? We’re here in California and wanting to partner with people who are within driving distance to the area affected to send coupons and donations for supplies.

  24. 57

    Shelly Jones says

    My hometown is Joplin and I have family and lots of friends and former co-workers who are there. I’m going to list a few places that you can friend on Facebook who will give you up-to-date information of what’s going on in the area.

    Joplin Tornado Info http://www.facebook.com/joplintornadoinfo

    Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery http://www.facebook.com/joplinmo

    KOAM TV & FOX14 TV-TELEVISION CITY http://www.facebook.com/pages/KOAM-TV-FOX14-TV-TELEVISION-CITY/102336081275

    KODE/KSN http://www.facebook.com/pages/KODEKSN/85541164782

    The Joplin Globe http://www.facebook.com/joplinglobe

    Thank you to all who are so willing to give of your time and resources to make something like this happen. Your kindness will not go unrewarded.

  25. 59

    Adrimom says

    I am a high school teacher in the Chicago suburbs. I will put together a drive for items tomorrow and will ship out everything that we collect next Thursday to Joplin. Thank you so much for posting the info regarding where supplies can be sent. My heart goes out to ALL of the people who have been affected by this past month’s weather disasters.

  26. 60

    sandra baker says

    i wish that i could help by sending lots of good clothes that havent been worn much from my sons closet. But i see no one will take clothes. If they would take them they would have alot of nice name brand clothing

  27. 61


    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I posted the information you gave on my facebook and on my blog. I will be sending a box this week. I also wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done in the donation drives for Ala. and now Mo.

  28. 62

    Alejandra says


    Thanks so much for putting this together for Alabama and now MO..I will be sending my box tommorrow..AGAIN thank you for all the info and for organizing! Stay blessed xoxoxoxo

    My heart goes out to all those affected..

  29. 64

    Francine says

    A local church in my community in Illinois with connections to Joplin held a donation drive for only two days hoping to fill 1 semi. They filled 4!!!! What a great community I live in.

    Since I hadn’t had a chance to get my stockpile to local charities, I loaded up most of it to take to the church (2 car loads). All of this through couponing and taking advantage of sales and what I’ve learned from various couponing sites on the web.

    I have family that live just north of LaCrosse, WI which also got hit by a tornado Sunday. Luckily no serious injuries there, but they did get hail the size of baseballs in some areas.

  30. 65

    Cassie says

    I sent an order through Wal-Mart’s website and will be sending a few items from home. I hope it makes someone’s life a little easier. :)

  31. 66

    Kari says

    Thank you for helping the families and victims in Joplin, MO. My husband is active duty Army, but we both grew up in Joplin, MO and all of our family still lives there. We were on leave in Joplin when the tornado hit. The destruction can’t be described. Thank you for your efforts to help the people in Joplin and all other areas affected by the tornados. Joplin greatly appreciates all the help.

  32. 68

    Sharon says

    Just sent a rather large package to Joplin. I am so glad that I was able to help. Hope you all in Alabama are well on your way to recovering.

  33. 69


    We here in California are partnering with Chrissy and Knox Laboratories (see the above reply) to send coupons to Oklahoma! Hopefully those coupons can be used by the group of couponers there to purchase the supplies needed to help the people of Joplin.

    You can look at our blog tomorrow around 10am PST for more information.

  34. 70

    adrimom says

    If you are in Illinois in the Chicago suburbs, Bettenhausen Dodge in Tinley Park is collecting supplies to send two trucks out to Joplin on the 31st. Let’s fill those trucks!!

  35. 71

    Amanda Daley says

    Is a breast pump needed? I have one I no longer need and I would be more than happy to donate.

  36. 75

    Maxine A Yancy says

    Last night after I said my prayers and got into bed, I thought that I would love to send clothing to Joplin, Mo for the ladies. I have many gently worn and never worn items. However, I read on this site that “they” are asking that clothing NOT be sent. Also the comment that they don’t have enough people to sort the clothing. Idea: Could a central clothing place be set up for clothing; church members sort, and then have certain times where the people could come to select what they could use?

    I even thought of sending my box to the Mayor…thought of Mayor’s wife, but didn’t know if he has a wife. A lady or ladies should be in charge of this distribution, and the men could maintain control of lines, etc. What do you think? I don’t have money to send, and I wish I could…but clothing and other household items I could send. I could also ask my 38 year daughter for some of her designer items that she no longer wears or NEVER wore.

    Please advise and thank you. I need a reliable Joplin Missouri address for my box.

  37. 76

    Chrissy Whiting says

    Forest Park Baptist Church is accepting clothing!

    Address is…
    725 S Highview Ave, Joplin, MO 64801

    I live about an hour and a half away and volunteered through teh same church and have been funneling donations through them as well! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! chrissyhiborik@yahoo.com BE BLESSED!

    • 77

      Maxine A Yancy says

      Thank you so much Chrissy for your speedy reply and the information. I was in a tornado when I was 9 years old in Akron, Ohio and have never…ever forgotten it. I don’t think that it was as strong as the EF5 that

      I will start getting the box ready for wonderful people. Many blessings to you too, Chrissy.


  38. 79

    Sequoia says

    You can also send supplies. clothing, etc, to:
    Sheryl & Tony Gorman
    4190 Quail Rd, Diamond MO 64840.
    (She emerged from her basement with only one shoe. She wears a size 9 shoe)

    Though I live in California, Joplin is my hometown and these are my relatives, classmates and neighbors.
    Thank you

  39. 80

    PAstor FIg says

    Are you still taking items..please let me know…we have some cases of water, but if you tell me…we will collect more items..

  40. 81


    Ok so i work at i library and during summer reading we did a funrasier for Joplin after the f5 tornado hit and i need to know where to send the money to.

  41. 83

    Evelyn Jackson says

    I am a member of 1st Baptist Church of Festus/Crystal City, Mo. I am trying
    to find out if I can donate a lot of books, mostly Christian books to a church library. I also have other types of books such as biographies and study books, etc.These books are in very good condition, most read only once.
    Can anyone please let me know if I can donate these books. My husband and
    I would be happy to deliver them to Joplin.
    Thank you and God bless you!

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