Future World

Future World is home to the most popular rides at Epcot – Soarin’ and Test Track. This land opens at 9 am and closes at 7 pm, however Soarin’ and Test Track remain open until 9 pm and you can walk through the area. Most of the attractions will be closed though.

Look at the ground as you exit near Innoventions at night.


These are hands on exhibits in 2 separate buildings. Most people make a beeline for it early in the morning, try touring it around 4 or 5 in the evening.

Look for the reverse waterfalls

Fountain of Nations – Sit and watch an amazing show

Innoventions East

– Kids under 6 will have the most fun in Innoventions East


Sum of all Thrills

Innovations West

– Be sure to stop by Icestation Cool and taste Coke products from around the world. (Hint: Stay away from Beverly but trick your family into trying it)
– – Mickey and his friends meet in the character spot from 9 am to 9 pm. The line is short in the morning while everyone is racing to Soarin’ and Test Track.


Where’s the Fire

blah blah blah


The Seas and The Land

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

– This ride takes you under the sea with Nemo. You will see real fish and sea creatures plus Nemo and all his friends.
– The ride lasts about 4 minutes.

Turtle Talk with Crush

– Do NOT miss this attraction. You will love it!
– Check the times guide for when it opens. It opens within the first hour of the park, but not immediately.
– Make sure your children get a good spot infront of the tank. They are going to love it!

Make sure you check out The Seas main tanks and exhibits too. You can even see divers feeding the fish!

bruce’s Sub House

The Land Pavillion

The Land is where you find the most popular ride in Epcot, Soarin. So it is going to be crowded! The Land reminds me of a shopping mall. There are 2 levels. You enter on the second level and take either steps or the escalator down to level one where Soarin’ is located. You should avoid this area from 11 am to 3 pm because of all the restaurants. It’s like a food court with rides!

The Circle of Life

Living with the Land

– This ride has Fastpass. Don’t wait longer than 20 minutes!
– This is a boat ride that takes you through the green houses.
Lots of Hidden Mickeys on this ride


– This ride does has Fastpass.
– Minimum height is 40 inches.
– This is everyone’s main focus in the morning. I suggest sending one person ahead of your party to get everyone Fastpasses.
– The best seats are top-row center. There are 3 rows. It’s okay to ask for the lowest row.
– Listen for them to call parties of 2


Imagination Pavilion

The Imagination Pavilion at Epcot is sponsored by Kodak.

Journey into Imagination… With Figament

– 6 minutes long.
– At the gift shop, you can get a photo made and they will superimpose the Disney characters into it.
– This ride can get loud

Don’t miss the amazing fountain as you leave the Pavilion.

Jumping Fountains outside the attraction

Captain EO

Test Track

– This ride does have a Fastpass. Be sure to use it if the line is longer than 20 minutes.
– This ride has a single rider line. It might be faster than using the regular line, but your party won’t get to ride together.
– The ride is 4.5 minutes.
– Minimum height is 40 inches.
– Be sure to check out the area as you leave Test Track. There are a lot of interactive things to do including cyber postcards for the family!
Send a commercial to yourself

The Wonders of Life Pavilion

Mission: Space

– The green side is less intense (no spinning)
– Very enclosed space. Not much leg room.
– There is a play area as you exit the ride for the kids. You can also enter this area through the gift shop and bypass the ride all together. The play area is rather dark though.
Go in the exit
Start flipping all the dials and see what happens

Spaceship Earth

– A good place to cool down on a hot day.


World Showcase

Activities to do in the World Showcase:

  • Kid Cot – The Kid Cot is a program that they started to keep kids entertained and excited about each country. Right now you can get a Duffy bear cut out and have it stamped at each country’s Kid Cot Station. You could also ask them to write the kids names in different languages on the bear.
  • Passport – Purchase a passport in the gift shops and have it stamped in each country. (Personally I think it’s a waste of money. We have done it.)
  • Hats – Get a picture of your party wearing a different hat in each country
  • Maps – Collect maps in each country. They usually have a map in their native tongue.
  • Pressed PenniesPress a penny in each country (cost is 50c plus a penny). Before going to Disney, put 2 quarters and 1 penny in a stack inside a M&M mini tube. This way you always have right what you need.
  • Kim Possible – Pick up a communicator and complete tasks in select countries
  • Food – Purchase a snack or candy from each country


Add the Entertainment


Character: Mexican Donald greets in the afternoon.

Attractions: Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros (located inside the pyramid). It’s a really cute boat ride. The line is rarely long.

Kidcot Station: Located directly inside the pyramid.

Movie: None.

Tasty treats: Be sure to get the nachos at Cantina de San Angel or Churros.



Character: none

Attraction: Maelstrom (offers Fastpass). Maelstrom is a very fun boat ride that offers you a history of Norway while giving you a thrilling ride. It is one of my favorites!

Look for the viking wearing mouse ears in the painting as you load the ride

Kidcot Station: Inside the Puffin’s Roost Store.

Tasty treat: Kringles (candied pretzels) or try Lefse, traditional potato bread with butter and cinnamon sugar

Character Meal: You can meet the princesses at Akershus. They serve both breakfast, lunch and dinner! If I had to choose, I’d go for Breakfast since the World Showcase is not open. Norway is very small and can quickly get crowded!

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe – We ate here on the latest trip and it was really good! We choose the Norwegian Club.

Movie: Spirit of Norway. When you get off Maelstrom you will have to wait for this movie to finish playing for the people in front of you before you will be able to exit the attraction. You can either choose to sit and watch this short film or continue on through the exit doors after riding Maelstrom.

Make sure you check out the Stave Church and see how many trolls you can count in the gardens! Also notice the REAL grass on the roofs! And get your picture made by the giant troll in Puffin’s Roost. Make sure you try on the Viking hats!



Character: Mulan and occassionally Mushu

Visit the gardens at night when they are lit by a lantern

Attraction: None

Kidcot Station: In the Yong Feng Shangdian Store

Tasty treat: egg rolls at Lotus Blossom Cafe.
Joy of Tea  select your favorite brew for around $4. They have both hot and cold selections, as well as some interesting ice cream flavors.

Movie: The Wonders of China; you stand for this movie; it is 12:30 long

Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit

The pathways narrow to give the feeling of crowded streets

Things to note:

  • In the round building in China (near where you enter the theater) there is a mark in the center of the room. Stand on that mark and speak. You will you yourself echo back!
  • While you are browsing the shops, be sure to look for a green bowl that contains water. Rub the handles just right and the water will dance!
  • If you buy a fan, they will write your name in Chinese on the fan for free!

African Outpost – drums and crates




Character: Meet Snow White and sometimes Dopey!

Attractions: Be sure to check out the miniature train exhibit. The train hasn’t been running the last 2 times that we were there, but it sure is cute to look at!

Also look for the clock and watch the little dolls come out on the top of the hour.

Kidcot Station: Located in the Volkskunst store.

Movie: none.

Tasty Treats: Apple Strudel

Glass of wine and keep the glass

Germany Courtyard: traditional clock. Boy and girl come out on the hour.


United Sates of America

Character: None scheduled.

Attractions: Check out the American Flag that was pulled from the rubble of 9/11.

Also visit the rotunda. You can whisper on one side and someone will hear it on the other.

Kidcot Station: Near the American Village. Also check out the hedge maze while you are visiting this Kidcot station!

Movie: American Adventure Theatre

Tasty Treats: Funnel cakes!

Find the B17 Fortress painting and walk across it while looking at it

Whisper in the routunda

The building is actually 5 stories tall so it could be seen across the lagoon. They used taller doors and windows inside to make it seem like 3 stories.

Try to spot what is different about the clock face.



Character: None scheduled

Attractions: Check out the toy museum and the Japanese gardens. Also in the Mitsukoshi Department Store you can choose an Oyster and keep the pearl for about $17!

Kidcot Station: Near the exit area of Mitsukoshi Department Store.


Tasty Treats: Kaki Gori or stop by Yakatori House and get the Spicy Tuna Roll or Shogun Beef and Teryaki chicken plate

Toy museum?

Look for candy lady

Cup of Saki – Cup can go home


Character: None

Attractions: None

Kidcot Station: Between La Cucina Italiana shop and the angel

Snacks: Don’t miss the Canoli or Tiramisu at Tutto Italia

Look for the colums of men. One is holding a bowling ball.



Characters: Aladdin and Jasmine

Attractions: None

Kidcot Station: In the Brass Bazaar store

Snacks: Don’t miss Baklava or try tabouleh.

Misc: Get a Henna tattoo. They are really neat!

Look for Aquadust

Stop by Marrakesh Kosk and ask for a tour

Morocco does not light up in Illuminations as this would violate their religious beliefs

Gold Prayer Room

Every Mosaic has a flaw

Look for difference in pavement between Morocco and France. This represents the straight of Gilblater



Characters: Princess Aurora, Belle (and the Beast sometimes), and even Esmerelda and Marie

Attractions: Be sure to check out Beast’s Library behind the perfume shop!

Kidcot Station: In Galerie Des Halles

Snacks: chocolate mousse at the Cafe in France

Boulangerie Patisserie – This tiny bakery is home to quiche, croissants, soufflés, cheese plate and more. It’s cheap!

Vins De France Wine Sampling

Belle’s Library


The Bridge represents crossing to the UK


United Kingdom

Character: Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger and Alice. Be sure to visit The Toy Shop for more characters!

Attractions: Be sure to check out the hedgerow maze.

Kidcot Station: Located inside the Toy Soldier store

Snacks: Don’t miss the Fish and Chips!

Phone numbers to call the phone booths in United Kingdom pavilion:

407-827-9861  Right Booth
407-827-9862 Left Booth
407-827-9863 Center Booth

Some shops have upstairs

Notice that the Roe and Crown Pub have 3 different sides which deplict the 3 popular pub styles in the UK


Look for Mary Poppins Style Chimneys

Garden Area represents Hyde Park

Family Crest in Shop

Cheshire Cat lost in store with Tigger and Pooh

Butterfly Garden – Plants attract butterflies

Maze Garden located near International Gateway



Character: none

Attractions: Be sure to check out the waterfall located in the back of Canada

Kidcot Station: Located in the Northwest Mercantile store

Snacks: Be sure to pick up some Maple Candy!

Look for the rock at the Kodak Picture Spot. Before Illuminations, the rock’s top will lift off revealing the sound and light equipment

The plants are changed to match Canada’s Seasons. White in winter, gold and red in autumn

The building in Canada is 3 stories but has 5 rows of windows


Random Tips

At christmas, each country has a storyteller who tells about how Christmas is in their native lands

All CMs in World Showcase are from that country

Food and Wine

Flower and Garden

Photo Ideas – Use traditional item in each country

Trouble finding a character? Call guest services at 407-824-2222 and they will let you know the character’s schedule for the day!

Always go left when it’s an option. People tend to go to the right.

Never follow the crowd. People tend to go with the crowd. If you watch for a moment, you might find a shorter line or a better way to get somewhere.

Counter service cashiers and security guards take one guest on their left and then one guest on their right. If you don’t see anyone on one side of them, don’t be afraid to approach.


  • Churros with Mexican Caramel Sauce at Taqueria Del Lago in Mexico
  • Paletas (traditional fruit popsicles) at La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico
  • School Bread at Kringla Bakeri in Norway
  • Sweet Pretzel at Kringla Bakeri in Norway
  • Waffle topped with strawberry preserves at Kringla Bakeri in Norway
  • Pork & vegetable egg rolls at Joy of Tea
  • Ice Cream – Strawberry Red Bean or Caramel Ginger at Joy of Tea
  • Caramel & Chocolate dipped strawberry at Karamel Kuche in Germany
  • Caramel & Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Treat at Karamel Kuche in Germany
  • Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt at Karamel Kuche in Germany
  • Hand Twisted Pretzel at Bier in Germany
  • Frozen Coke Slush at Liberty Inn in America
  • Cup of Chili at Liberty Inn in America
  • Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel at Fife & Drum Tavern in America
  • Kaki Gori at Kabuki Cafe in Japan
  • Edamame at Kabuki Cafe in Japan
  • Chocolate Muffin at Morocco Coffee & Pastries
  • Elephant Ears at Boulangerie Patisserie in France
  • Chocolate Eclair at Boulangerie Patisserie in France
  • Coconut Pyramid at Boulangerie Patisserie in France
  • Crepes at Crepes des Chefs de France
  • Cinnamon & Sugar Pretzel at Promenade Refreshments
  • Cotton Candy at Green Thumb Emporium near Soarin
  • Muffins at Sunshine Seasons inside The Land
  • Bowl of Soup at Sunshine Seasons inside The Land
  • Worms and Dirt at Sunshine Seasons inside The Land


Future World

By the entrance in the mornings:

Innoventions West area
Chip and Dale – 11:30 – 4:45; usually between this building and The Land pavilion

Visa Meet and Greet in Innoventions West
Disney Visa cardholders have a special free private meet & greet is daily between 1:30 – 4:30 pm in the Innoventions West building, just past the Where’s The Fire? Guests must present their Disney Visa for their own private meeting with 2 or 3 of the Fab Five plus a free 5×7 photo.

Epcot Character Spot

*Always look in the lobby as you exit. I have seen both Mary Poppins and Jasmine here.

Pocahontas has been spotted by the Living with the Land Pavilion.

World Showcase

Duffy* (near the entrance) – 12:00pm-3:45pm & 4:30pm-7:15pm

United Kingdom
Pooh & Tigger – Inside the Toy Shop near the Kidkot station from 1 to 4:45 and 5:35 to 8:15 pm
Alice in Wonderland – 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 & 4:50pm
Mary Poppins – 1:20, 2:20, 3:20, 4:20 & 5:20pm

I was at Disney the week after you were and the second day my friend and I did Epcot, we stumbled across a character courtyard or sorts that wasn’t on the map or the times guide. It was between UK and Canada, in the big walkway that leads up to a building thats used for conventions and special events, the big gates were open and there were about 10 characters in there hanging out! They had Smee out front of the gates I think to divert the crowd from continuing to come in, he was getting into place as we walked up, and then not long after we walked in, the big gates were shut, we had to exit through a door off to the side. Baloo, Rafaki, MINNIE MOUSE!, Goofy, Donald, The bear from Song of the South / Splash Mountain, The fox from Pinnochio, and a county bear were all there, there wasn’t even a CM for each one, maybe one CM for every 2. I didn’t even bother asking anyone what the occasion was, I just figured it was Disney Magic!

Princess Aurora – 11:30am, 12:20, 1:20, 3:10, 4:15, 5:15 & 6:20pm
Marie from Aristocats* – 11:30am, 12:40, 1:40, 3:10, 4:10, 5:10 & 6:10pm
Belle (in her blue dress) – 11:30am, 12:20, 1:20, 2:20, 4:20, 5:20 & 6:20pm
Beast (with Belle)* – 1:40, 2:40, 3:35, 4:40 & 5:40pm

Jasmine and Aladdin – 12:15, 1:00, 1:50, 2:45, 4:45, 5:45 & 6:45pm

Snow White and Dopey* – 11:30am, 12:15, 1:15, 3:10, 4:10, 4:55 & 5:50pm

Mulan* – 11:00am, 12:00, 1:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 & 6:00pm

Donald in his Mexican grab – 1:20pm to 3:00pm & 4:00pm to 6:40pm

Rides to avoid with a bad back


  • Mission Space – While a smooth ride I don’t care for the round and round motion.
  • Maelstrom – Does get a little rough especially when going backwards. Not to bad though.
  • Test Track – Not as bad as a coaster does have a few areas that I have to hold on.


  1. 1

    Kat says

    For the Maelstorm in Norway…you do NOT have to watch the movie before you can exit. We rode the Maelstorm, and walked right through the movie and left without watching it.

  2. 2

    Peg says

    Innovations West (I think): The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is a lot of fun. My DD, nephew (both 13) and my niece (5) enjoyed it. You can play against each other in teams and with the goal to see who can save the most money. You get to carry your pig around with you.

    I was there in Oct and went to see Captain EO while they played the Piggy game. Captain EO is a Michael Jackson music video/film from back in the 80’s. The waiting area is standing ONLY and the wait was about 15 mins.

    England: Be sure to make a point to go look for Pooh/Tigger in the back of the store. The past 2 years we have gone and there has been no on else there. Pooh & Tigger goofed around with us, while the photopass photographer took pictures with his camera and mine. They were so bored, they even came into the store and started holding up shirts to see if DD liked them or not. It was a lot of fun! Also, when we were there in Oct, there was a sign by the register that had a picture of the cat from Alice in Wonderland and it said they had lost their cat and if you found him to let them know. DD found him and they gave her a certificate (and moved the cat to a new hiding spot). DD said she thought she had read that other countries do this, but this was the first time we had seen it.

    • 3

      Megan says

      There was also a game from Waste Management that we played that was fun, i think it was Innoventions West, but I dont remember, it might have been East.

      In France, they had signs about looking for the rat from Ratatouille (sp?), I assume similar to finding the cat in England.

  3. 4

    Stephanie says

    Don’t automatically skip Turtle Talk with Crush if you don’t have small children. I have two teenagers and it’s a must see for our family. It’s a lot of fun just to hear what the kids say!

    Also, even older kids will enjoy the aquarium. It’s a great way to cool off and a great place to relax.

    In the UK, the World Showcase players are hysterical! One of my kids’ favorite memories is when my husband was picked for the show. We literally laughed until we cried.
    Also, Canada does sometimes have characters…Koda and Kenai from Brother Bear. Many times they don’t seem to be listed on the times guide, but we have spotted them numerous times.
    In France, a favorite spot of mine is actually behind the stores, or just past the Belle and Beast Topiary. It’s shaded, quiet and a great spot to have one of the many delicious snacks from the bakery. We like to grab a few pastries and drinks and just sit back and relax for a while. It always ends up being one of my favorite parts of the day!
    In Japan, at Mitsukoshi, you can find some souvenirs that the workers will personalize for you. For instance, my daughter bought a necklace and had her name engraved on it…for under $20! I also bought fans for my nieces (for a mere $4!) and had their names written in Japanese on them! We have often found some great souvenirs here!

  4. 5

    Laurie says

    Going to WDW in 3 days! I’m more excited than the kids! I have a question. Where do you pick up the bear cutout for Kidcot?

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