Guest Post: How to improve your shower head

Here is a quick fix for anyone who has a clogged or slower running shower head… I tried it an it works like a charm! All you do is fill a sandwich baggie or ziploc with white vinegar. Place your entire shower head in the bag so it is completely submerged in the water, and secure with a rubber band around the neck of the shower head. Leave it over night. The vinegar will break down the build up and in the morning your shower head should be running much better!!

Keri Lyn blogs over at She Saved. She teaches people that what you didn’t spend, you saved!


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    Amber says

    Monday is my bathroom cleaning day… Going to give it a try! thanks…Maybe i should be realxing on my day off??? lol no way have three boys (including my husband) and one bathroom!

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    Thank you for the post. We will be trying this tomorrow, as my shower head is not looking nice. I hate mold. We live in TN now, and mold grows on everything and anything in the shower, even the shampoo bottles. Time to do some vinegar cleaning from now on.

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      Nikki says

      Heather, I moved to TN and thought I was losing my mind about things growing in the shower! I have no idea what could be in the water but there is NO way it could be good! Glad to know I am not the only one that knows this isn’t normal!

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    Ceci Price says

    What perfect timing. I was just thinking last night that I needed to figure out a way to clean my shower heads.

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    Amanda r says

    If you have rust in your water (well) Lowe’s sells a shower head that’s around $40 and has filters you replace every like four months. I think they are $10 for two. An investment yes, but awesome! We were buying a new head every couple months rust didn’t go away with vinegar because the rust is so awful – does work great on normal water though!!!) anyway now we spend $15 a year ($20 technically but only use three of the four replacements). Highly recommend it!

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      Nata-Leigh says

      I’ve never heard of this product … we’ve got well water, also, and I’ve struggled with keeping the shower looking even the slightest bit clean. We’re going to buy this PRONTO!

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