*HOT* Kotex Tampon Deal at Walgreens is Rolling!

Woohoo! The Kotex deal at Walgreens is rolling! Usually when deals roll like this, it usually only lasts on Sunday. So get to the store today if you want to do this deal (and there is no guarantee that it will still work when you get there)…

Transaction #1

Buy Kotex Tampons $3.99
Use $1/1 from 3/25 SS
Pay $2.99 and get $3 RR

Transaction #2

Buy Kotex Tampons $3.99
Buy small filler item
Use $1/1 from 3/25 SS
Plus use $3 RR from before
Pay $0.14 and get a $3 RR

And it could keep going and going…

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(Thanks Wild for Wags!)



  1. 1

    j says

    From my experience at Walgreens you can not use the RR on the product you got it from. Meaning if you get 3 RR from Kotex, you can not use it as your cash towards another Kotex product. It cancels out here in NY.

  2. 2

    amanda says

    FYI… You cannot use a RR towards the purchase of the same product. You can, but it will not print out another RR.

  3. 4

    courtney says

    Typically you can’t Amanda but this is why this is such a HOT deal. Apparently, on this deal you CAN. Kristin knows all about Walgreens and RR not rolling that is why she specifies that this one IS rolling but there is no guarantee how long it will continue to do so

  4. 9

    Erin P says

    Ok, I have to ask – who is brave enough to try to Roll a RR deal each week to see if it IS rolling and risk losing the RR?!? lol Thanks for everything you do Kristen!! Hugs from Orlando!

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