How to save on Disney Princess Dress Souvenir

Disney Princess Dresses

Here are some tips on how to save on Disney Princess Dress Souvenirs. Disney princess dresses at Walt Disney World are EXPENSIVE. Most of the dresses are almost $69 and that doesn’t include any accessories. But with a little planning ahead, you can still dress your daughter like a princess without breaking the bank:

  • Check Walmart (and Target) for Princess dresses. I was in Walmart today and I found Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Rosetta and Iridessa for just $20 each.
  • Around Halloween, watch the costume aisles for Princess dresses. I have also found complete sets (including shoes, tiara and scepter for $20 at Sams Club).
  • Watch Ebay. You can sometimes find a group of Princess dresses for sale.

Late last year, I was introduced to These dress up clothes are very well made, aren’t itchy or scratchy, contain no loose glitter and are machine washable! Emily tried out the Ice Princess (Elsa) and the Scandinavian Dress for her doll, she loves them and they are holding up so well! She wears a 10/12, and the X-Large dress was able to fit her without issue.

disney princess dresses

If your princess is older, it’s harder to find a princess dress to fit them. The wonderful thing about the dresses that Disney sells, is they go all the way up to a size 14. So even your older child can still dress up as her favorite princess.

Do you have any tips on how to save on princess dresses souvenirs?

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  1. 1


    Yes, two words: consignment sales! I’ve gotten every princess dress for my girls plus some generic extras) and I usually pay $3/dress!

  2. 2

    Sally Mugglin says

    I guess you could even borrow one for your trip, if you have a friend that would be that gracious!! I know I would let afriend borrow one!

  3. 3

    Suzanne says

    Big Lots usually always stocks Disney dresses, usually $15, and they get a broader variety in Sept for Halloween. They also have Disney branded accessories – Crowns, wands, shoes, jewelry, etc…

  4. 5

    Carlye says

    OK so I may be very frugal with just about everything I buy but this is ine where I am making the exception. I have gone through COUNTLESS dress up dresses and I have to say that dropping $60 on my 3 year olds Official Disney parks Cinderella dress was one heck of an investment I DO NOT REGRET!! I have spent countless $$$’s that have been wasted on the cheaper versions and they all rip easily or the tulle shreds. The cheaper versions are not washable they fall apart so in my eyes they are diaposable. My daughter has now played with the $60 Cinderella dress and it looks as new as the day we took it out of the package and she has played with it for over a year and a half AND it has been through the washer and hung to dry about 10 times as well! In my honest opinion it was worth every penny. Just to those who aren’t looking to replace their daughters dress up clothes regularly. may I also suggest Gymboree’s costumes after Halloween…I got 3 costumes last year and put them away to create a dress up trunk for Christmas. There are ways to get quality items on sale or cheaper but in this instance I believe paying a lil more for the quality that will last is worth it.

    • 6

      Krista says

      Very good point! I don’t have a little girl (have 2 little boys), but always felt Disney’s prices were always extremely high and recommended to people to buy their princess dresses elsewhere before arriving at the park to save on costs. But if the dresses are of the better quality and stand up to years of use, then it’s worth the investment.

      Thanks for your insights and I will keep that in mind if I was to have a little girl in hopefully a few years. I always like getting a good deal and never pay full price for my childrens clothes but always buy the good brands for them at the outlets or on sale. But some things are worth paying full price for if they are of better quality and will last.

      • 7

        Carlye says

        Trust me they are worth every penny and if you wait until a good coupon is out and can save the 20% like I did and get free shipping as well form disneystore online it makes the deal even sweeter knowing the quality will last as long as she can put the dress on! :)

        • 8

          Rachel R says

          I agree. Spending the money is so worth it. I have several from WalMart, one from Disney store, and 3 from Disney world (THANK YOU GRANDMA). I must say that the quality for the ones from WDW are so much better than the ones from the other locations.

          • 9

            Kimberly says

            I absolutely agree!! Spend the money on this!! The Halloween costumes fall apart immediately, and do not fit well. My daughter would have to wear regular clothes under those dresses so she wasn’t half-dressed and believe me the parks are HOT! The WDW or Disney Store costumes are made so well that you are able to dress a girl in just her costume. They will go in the washer and hang dry many times, too! I actually found the Disney Store dresses to hold up better than the WDW park dresses, and they cost about $20 less. I have purchased SO MANY dresses over the past three years so trust me on this advice ;)

          • 10

            Jessica says

            I Second this! I too am super frugal but I saved and saved to buy two dresses from the Disney store for my 3 yr old for our trip this summer. We plan on letting her open them once we arrive to the hotel as a surprise :) She wears at least 2-3 princess costumes a day that we have from walmart and other places and they stretch and fall apart so easily. ALL of her princess nightgowns and one other princess dress from the Disney Store holds up AMAZING. The quality is definitely worth it!

      • 11

        Heather says

        Yes, she is right. The Disney princess dresses from the Disney stores and online are MUCH better quality. They can stand up to handwash cycle on the washing machine. The dress up shoes are better too because they come in sizes. I think another reader mentioned waiting for the emails with the deals and free shipping, so you do pay a little more than Wal-Mart, but they last much much longer, and I think they are much nicer.

    • 12

      Alexis says

      I agree. We got a hand-me down Cinderella park dress. It went thru those 2 girls, my 2 girls (it was a size 4) and I handed it down to another youngster when my girls out-grew it. It has been peed on, thrown up on, colored on (and washed off), etc. It has been washed in the washer countless times. And when I passed it on – it still looked beatiful.
      While the cost is high brand new – the cost per use is pennies – or less!!!

    • 13

      courtney stasko says

      my problem is these kids grown too darn fast that I can’t afford that type on an investment for a costume

    • 14

      Jill says

      Hello, I read your post and wanted to know which store you bought the $60 dress at? We are goign to Disney for out first time and I want to get it right away. I did select the dress and shoes at bippity when my daughter gets her hair an dnails done and I am not sure if that is the best place or not. I do not want the cheap crappy target dresses at all. we have many of those and they fall apart.

    • 15

      Katie K says

      If you can wait it out, Disney Store had an awesome Black Friday sale that discounted their dresses down to $24. I stocked up last year and I really hope they do it again this year!

  5. 16

    Jennifer says

    I lucked out before our first trip last summer and got a craigslist deal for 10.00 for the Little Mermaid official WD princess dress.

  6. 17

    Laura says

    We do not wear a ‘dress’ to the parks. But rather accessories and princess/character themed more ‘sensible’ clothing. The Disney dresses are more like ‘clothing’ than dressup wear. Which is more comfortable. I really recommend a tutu or something a little less cumbersome. A dress is great for just a dinner outing or something, though.

    • 18

      Carlye says

      My girls love to go to the Not So Scary halloween party every year so dressing up is a definite MUST! I am lucky enough to save on other things throughout the year to “Splurge” on their costumes in which they love to get all decked out in. But I agree completely with you in saying that the dresses all day are really not a good idea at the parks. Now put the girls hair up like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does with their tiaras we have received the times they had their experience is a definite must do. But we bring our own glitter hairspray (which I pick up a botle or two after halloween and store them away for our vacations to disney) and do their “makeup” before we go to the parks!

      • 19

        courtney stasko says

        That’s what I plan on doing/! Plus my sister will be with us and she is a photographer so no need to shell out all that extra moola here!

  7. 20

    Adi says

    I sew, self taught. My daughter in only a year and a half, but we live in FL so we have been for two longer trips in her lifetime and a few weekend trips. I like to make princess inspired dresses out of much cooler and breathable cotton fabric. Using 40/50% off coupons at Joann’s I can make her a dress for around $10.

  8. 23

    Renee Payne says

    Disney sells these adorable tutus now that are half the price of their dresses! They have Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and some super girly ones! I saw a mom just yesterday who convinced her daughter to get the tutu and some accessories for the same if not cheaper than the dresses! Just add a simple tank top & the outfit is so cute!!

  9. 24


    Love garage sales for finding costumes and princess dresses. I just scored a Disney store Ariel dress for $5 at a garage sale this past weekend and it was in great condition.

  10. 25

    Julie says

    Right now some princess dresses have just been added to the Warehouse sale at the Disney Store website, so if you want Disney Store quality dresses for more affordable prices, some of them are around $25. I ordered an Aurora one for my daughter. They had Aurora, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, and maybe a few more (it is only for a few styles) when I looked this morning. They have a Minnie Mouse dress on sale, too. I also recommend getting dresses around Halloween or after from Disney Store when they go on sale. My mom got my daughter a beautiful Alice in Wonderland dress last year right before Halloween on deep discount that she will wear this year for Halloween, and I got a discounted Minnie Mouse dress (maybe 50% off) after Halloween on their website that my daughter wore for our trip to Disney in the Spring.

  11. 26

    Miranda says

    My daughter has always been big for her age and by the time she was into princesses the cheap dress up dresses didn’t fit her. We are headed to Disney for the first time in September. We will not be buying her a $60 dress for her. She will have to go without. Is Disney not fun enough with out having to be indebted for life to have a great experience?

    • 27

      Adi says

      DO you or anyone you know sew, you could make her something cute for pretty cheap. But if you don’t care about having her dress like a princess while there, then I agree going into debt for these smaller details isn’t worth it. Enjoy the magic of everything around you!

  12. 29

    Melissa S. says

    My daughter has Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White dresses. The Cinderella and Alice costumes were from the Disney Store (I got them when they were 50% off), and the Snow White dress is from Toys ‘R’ Us (because her father refused to go to the mall when the dresses were 50% off). We’ve had the Cinderella dress for 2 1/2 years, the Alice dress for 2 years, and the Snow White one for 1 year. Guess what, the Snow White one started to fall apart after the first time the kid wore it. It is a better deal to get the dresses from a Disney park or store (especially if you buy them a little big), or second hand, as long as they are authentic or official WD merchandise from the parks or stores.

  13. 30

    tabitha says

    Hey just wanted to let everyone know the disney store is having a great sale starting today. My girls and I stopped at the Disney store and they had the princess dresses half off. I got my little princess the belle dress and crown for $30!!!!!

  14. 31


    I sew Emily’s Princess dresses. It started because of the comfort, not the money. Emily hated the fabric that the dresses were made of and would cry when she had to put one on. I decided to start sewing them out of fabrics she feels comfortable in. I take her to the fabric store and tell her the color we are looking for. She finds a fabric in that color that she likes and I sew the dress.
    The best benefit is that she is the only Princess dressed that way!

  15. 33

    candice says

    i do the halloween thing…. usually i go to wally world or even family dollar (one year i got 3 different princess costumes from family dollar for 75 cents each after halloween) ii put them up for christmas gifts….. my daughter is still young enough for me to get away w/ that

  16. 35

    katie says

    I bought my little girl a little mermaid costume then a Tiana costume at the past two twice upon a year sales. I was lucky and got each for $19.99..was meant to be, both times they were the only clearance dress in my little girls size.

  17. 36

    Anne says

    I bought dd’s Sleepy Beauty dress when she was 7 from It was on clearance in the spring. It was a deluxe costume.
    We packed it for the plane ride to Disney and she wore it for BBB. Everyone was oohing and ahhing over it. It was soo much nicer than what the BBB sells.
    Even Disney staff commented on what a beautiful dress it was!
    Oh and it was cheaper than what the boutique sold.

  18. 37

    dawn says

    i found something you might like to know about. i am planning a trip to ft wilderness next month and we plan on going to downtown disney, so i was looking for cute little disney totes the girls could take to bring their souveniers home in. on facebook, there’s a page called Punky Doodle Designs. I go to church with the owner. she has these really cute totes. The naughty princess one is 28 dollars but the regular disney characters are all 12 dollars and they will personalize them for free! i am ordering a minnie mouse one for maddie with her name on it and a naughty princess for kenzie with her name on it! If you happen to like her, tell her that Dawn Hansford Cox sent you :)

  19. 38

    Laurie says

    I have three daughters. All of their princess dresses have come from the Disney Store. I have found them in the store or online after Halloween for under $20, even the deluxe ones. Some of these dresses have been worn multiple times by more than one child and have lasted wonderfully. Every time we are at Disney World, we get stopped and asked where their dresses came from.

  20. 39

    Crystal says

    I found a Tinkerbell costume for my daughter at a garage sale for $1. She was practically a newborn when I bought it, so it had to be put away for awhile, but what a great price! She wears it all the time now and plans to bring it to Disney when we go this fall.

    I also found a Snow White costume in the after Halloween clearance at Walmart for $5. And I bought her an Ariel costume for Christmas from Target, I believe it was on sale for $15. One thing about both of these – they are not very good quality at all. They rip very easily and I am sure they will not hold up well when getting on and off rides and all day wear at Disney. I am thinking of investing in a nice one from the Disney store, especially after reading such great reviews.

  21. 40

    jennifer says

    the only way I have found- Tell Grandma. The Disney Store, and the ones at the parks really made better.

  22. 41

    Isra says

    I bought an official disney snow white dress, with shoes and headband, total is $100 in stores, I got for $20 total from cragislist. My mom lives in So.Cal, 10 min. from Disneyland..whenever we are visiting her I go on cragislist over there and always find people selling near mint condition official disney store merchandise, including princess outfits, buzz costumes etc. for super cheap.
    When you get to disney (land or world), check out craigslist for disney items, I’ve always found great stuff that way!

  23. 42

    melissa says

    But them at the Disney Store when they put them on sale just before halloween. You can get the accessories usually 40 or 50% off. When you princess outgrows it then you can sell it on ebay. It’s worth the extra money because they are well made. Mine survived 3 girls and many trips to Disney and still sold on ebay for at least $30.00.

  24. 43

    MS says

    The Disney Parks dresses are MUCH better quality!. I bought a Cinderlla dress in January on sale at the Disney Store for $20 and had it shipped for $7!. I bought a Mulan dress and shoes on Disney Stone on line for $15 after Halloween. The ones at Walmrt are on one size and velco on the back. The Disney Store come in many sizes and fit perfect.

  25. 44

    Megan says

    I have gotten my daughter some of the “cheaper” dresses and they just don’t seem to hold up. So I have taken to getting the sale dresses at the Disney store. I have already gotten some for just $12.00, and they are wonderful- they stand up to anything!! So you’ve just got to watch those sale racks ladies!!!

  26. 45

    Dana says

    I bought our Cinderella dress last year at K Mart for about $10. It didn’t hold up, BUT we did get Halloween out of it, pictures made and a day in Magic Kingdom at CRT. I really, really hope I can find the Disney Belle dress this year for my daughter at a consignment sale, craigslist or marked down through Disney Store. I just can’t spend $60 on a dress but I REALLY want it! Also, anyone have any ideas for a Beast costume? My daughter wants to go as Belle for Halloween and have her Daddy be the Beast! ;)

  27. 46

    Bethany says

    I didn’t read all the comments, so I’m sure someone put this. I go to the Disney store when they have sales and I’ve been able to get the “real ones” as my daughter calls them, for 1/2 the price. I got a Sleeping Beauty and a Belle for $20 each. I think that in the long run it’s a better deal. The quality can’t be beat, the dresses have been worn and washed over and over, with little wear and tear. Disney costumes are worth paying more for, we have a buzz light year suit that has lasted 5 years and 2 active boys!

  28. 47

    Robyn says

    I totally agree, my daughter was given a snow white dress last summer for her bday (probably from walmart) and was going to have her wear it for Halloween. It was so cheaply made that I had to go out and buy her another costume.

  29. 48


    There are so many great ideas here! When my little girl was 4 years old we traveled to Disney and she wore princess dresses from my store. We have a line of princess dress up that is super soft and comfortable, beautiful AND machine washable! The average dress is just under $30 and they LAST! I normally don’t like to plug our store, but seriously my daughter who is now 10 used to practically LIVE in these dresses from the time she was 3 years old until she was almost 8. It is really great to find cheap princess dress up, but I shudder to spend only a few dollars on something that can’t be used again. I love the fact that she wore them over and over again and got so much use out of them. She always grew out of her princess costumes before he had a chance to wear them out so we ended up actually giving them to her younger cousins because they still had a lot of play value in them. You can take a look at them if you’d like at and we guarantee their quality and so does the manufacturer. Consignment shops would be my other best bet because many times you can find good quality items that were barely worn or in great condition like my daughter’s dress up was.

  30. 49

    Chelsea says

    I’ve found numerous Disney dresses at places like DAV and Goodwill in perfect condition for Max of $7!

  31. 51

    minnie says

    amazingly, sometimes the disney store on has great sales on princess dresses and accessories.

  32. 52


    Thanks for another fantastic article. The place else could anyone get that kind of information in such an ideal method of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such information.

  33. 53

    char says

    I just got an Ariel dress from the Disney world resort for 3.27 at the goodwill. It is size 10/12. Which fits my daughter Ariel. :)

  34. 54

    Sherry says

    Garage sales. We found a Belle dress at a garage sale for a song three or four years ago. My niece is STILL wearing it.

  35. 56

    Samantha says

    Usually I wouldnt spend that type of money on something like this. However on our disney trip last year I let both of my girls buy a dress at Disney to wear to our Princess dinner at Norway. Beside the Disney trip itslef its the best thing we did. My girls talk about it all the time. A year later they are still dance around a playing in those dresses. This weekend is my oldest daughters birthday and it is a princess party.. All of the girls will be dressing up and my girls will wear the dresses agian. When they out grow them I plan on putting them up. Hopefully one day their girls will wear them and enjoy them as much as mine have.

  36. 57

    Alecia says

    Kristin, I’ve done exactly what you suggested in bullet point #2 and I’ve gone the full price route. We’ve sailed with Disney Cruise Line twice and so far our cruises have been after Halloween. The 1st time we sailed was on the Magic, and I bought a Tiana costume on clearance at Walmart for about $5. It was a detailed, high quality costume and even came with a headband. When we sailed on the Fantasy, I went the full price route because I wanted my daughter to have the full experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique onboard. The memories made that day exceed the cost. We’re planning a trip to Disney World this year and the dress from the Fantasy will be ‘repurposed’ when we dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table. I’m also on the look out for princess dresses that are on sale just in case my daughter wants to dress up as another princess during our stay.

  37. 58

    Jessica says

    I have till sept I have been yard saling consinment and fb so far I have 6 diffrent princess all Disney park outfits from Disney used I paid no more then 5-10$ each and all the crowns shoes I’m not going to bother she will just pull off she is 6 and has a new out fit for every sit down dinner she has no clue I’m going to put each one out for her to change befor we go out every night and so my 13 year old does not feel left out I have found him Disney authentic ts for 2-5$ all new eBay is my best friend and yard sales if you have months to plan why spend so much money.

  38. 59

    Tonya says

    We recently went to WDW and my 9 year old daughter was so excited to finally find her size in a princess dress so for us it was well worth the price. I wish you could find them in larger sizes on the Disney STore online so we could take advantage of all the deals

  39. 60

    Bianca says

    do you have any princess gown for teens? I really need a gown tomorrow for our closing program in our school.. :(

  40. 62

    STyndall says

    Yes splurge on at least one of her dresses… but the best way to save is to order from the online Disney Store… sign up for emails & they send u sales & free shipping offers! You save between $20-30 by purchasing beforehand & the quality is awesome… they are made to fit them not hang off too big or so tight they hate them! Another option I am doing is a Diy tutu… using tulle & elastic paired with a cute princess tee shirt & they so cute & cheap to make. I think I spent under $10 less since I actually had most of the stuff already!! & way easier if she gets tired of it because u just put shorts under it!! & she still gets to show off her cute Disney tee shirt!!

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