Doc McStuffins 4 Wood Puzzle 9.21


Cardinal Industries Doc McStuffins 4 Wood Puzzle is just $9.21 (was $14.99) on Amazon. My kids have some of these types of puzzles, I really love them.

  • Wood pieces are stronger for younger puzzle makers
  • Four different Puzzles
  • Features popular characters from Doc McStuffins
  • A great gift for the fan of the popular Disney TV show

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Top 10 Vegan Options at Walt Disney World


If you have a dairy allergy and/or living a vegan lifestyle, here are the top 10 vegan options at Walt Disney World. They are very good about accommodating those with special dietary needs and now all of the restaurants have a separate menu that lists the different dietary restrictions so that you can look over to decide on what you would like.

10. Veggie Burger and Oreo Milkshake at Sci Fi – Eating in a car is such a fun experience and the Veggie Burger with fries is sure to be a hit. For dessert, ask for a vegan oreo milkshake.


9. Vegetarian Platter at Tangerine Cafe – This meal is so filling and the different tastes from Morocco will satisfy your taste buds. The pita bread does have dairy, so ask if they can substitute it for something else.

8. Veggie Chili at Columbia Harbor House – This filling entree is especially delicious in the fall and winter. Order it and sit upstairs so you can watch the Cast Members of the Haunted Mansion attraction while you eat.


7. Coral Reef’s Marinated Grilled Veggies and Vegetarian Chick’n Breast – This entree was very filling and delicious. The bread is even vegan as long as you ask for Earth Balance Butter.

6. Toffuti Ice Cream – Stop by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom for a delicious treat especially on a hot day. The chocolate Toffuti is so good!


5. Vegan Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter – These little bites of heaven are worth the trip if you aren’t staying at this resort. They also have a delicious veggie burger that you can eat as your entree and treat yourself to the beignets for dessert.

4. Dairy Free Pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus – I love daiya cheese and I am thrilled to know that there is a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom that carries it. They serve it on the gluten free crust which is also vegan. Yum!


3. Dole Whip – Yep. Who would have thought that the Dole Whip is vegan? It is a delicious treat for the whole family! And now that it is available at both the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom (Tamu Tamu) and there is a special order window (The Pineapple Lanai) dedicated to the Dole Whip at the Polynesian Village Resort, you can enjoy this special treat multiple times on your trip.

2. Mickey Waffles – Let the Cast Member know that you would like to order the vegan waffles and they will make you a set on a dedicated grill. You might have to wait a few minutes, but they will taste just as delicious and fresh as the non-vegan waffles.

Trail's End Chef TJ

1. Chef TJ – A celebrity to vegans, Chef TJ will make a multi course feast for his guests. He can currently be found at Trail’s End in Ft. Wilderness on Sunday – Thursday night. If you are a vegan, you definitely need to plan a dinner with him. So good!

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Disney Toy Story That Time Forgot Battlesaurs Buzz Lightyear Figure $6.45

PicMonkey Collage

Disney Toy Story That Time Forgot Battlesaurs Buzz Lightyear Figure is just $6.45 (was $10.99) with a $25 purchase on Amazon!

  • From the ABC Christmas special Toy Story That Time Forgot
  • The Toy Story gang has encountered with fierce dinosaurs
  • This Battlesaurs assortment lets kids decide how the action will unfold
  • Buzz Lightyear comes in his very own unique enhancements and accessory
  • Collect all the Battlesaurs figures

National Design Disney Olaf Sticky Note Cube, 2.75 x 2.75″ is just $2.46 (was $12.99) with a $25 purchase on Amazon!

  • Cute Olaf design
  • Great for back to school
  • Great for gift giving

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Pineapple Lanai at Polynesian Village in Walt Disney World


The Pineapple Lanai at Polynesian Village in Walt Disney World is the place to get Dole Whips outside the Magic Kingdom. This order window is located just outside the main lobby as you head towards the pool. Here you can order both the famous Dole Whip and Citrus Swirl and also the Dole Whip float.


There are tables and chairs set up by the window where you can sit and enjoy our delicious pineapple treat. If you are feeling spunky, you can even order your Dole Whip in a collectible bowl.

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Learn more about Walt Disney World Dining and get suggestions for where to eat, how to use the Disney Dining Plan and more.

How To Save Money at Olive Garden


How To Save Money at Olive Garden:

Watch the Sunday paper for coupons in the inserts.

Join the Olive Garden eClub to receive exclusive coupons by email included a free appetizer or dessert on your birthday.

Buy discounted Olive Garden gift cards from

Order your food to go and look for a discount coupon on Retail Me Not. I constantly see deals for $5 off or 20% off.

Check your receipt for a survey offer to receive a discount on your next meal.

Like Olive Garden on Facebook. They sometimes release coupons.

Visit before 4 pm so you may order off the lunch menu.

Other restaurants to save at:

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21 Ways To a Better Budget: Necessary Expenses


Every year, the same necessary expenses come around again. There are new clothes to buy, shoes to replace, car tags, Christmas gifts etc. Instead of trying to figure out how to pay for these expenses as they crop up, you might want to build them into your budget as a ‘bill’ and pay for them throughout the year.

Sit down and figure out how much you will need for each expense you will have. Then divide that amount by 12 or even 24 (if you want to pay into this bi-weekly) and add it as a bill into your budget. When you are due to pay this bill, put that money into your savings account and use the Savings Account Breakout worksheet to keep track of how much you have saved for your expenses.

You can also apply your miscellaneous allowance to expenses (read more about that here). Just figure out what is going to work best for your budget to keep everything running smoothly and effectively.

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Lady and the Tramp review


Disney is going to the dogs. Actually man’s best friend has always been a popular part of their animated features and while Pluto may be one of the first that comes to mind, there are two other canines that have been waiting to come to blu-ray. Lady and the Tramp, the fifteenth full-length feature animated film in the long animated history of Walt Disney, originally hit high definition back in 2012 and although the film does appear to now be out of print, given that this year is officially its 60th anniversary, perhaps it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and revisit a classic.

(Please note that this blu-ray is currently out of print and has returned to the Disney vaults and there presently is no re-release listed for the film.)

Lady and the Tramp is a tale that just about everyone knows despite the fact that is one of Disney’s feature films that doesn’t have a ride based around it, nor have the characters been seen in any offshoot television series. Despite its simplicity, this is a classic and heartwarming tale. The story is told, for the most part at least, from the perspective of dogs, and a couple of cats for good measure. We first meet Lady, a cocker spaniel that has been given to Darling (not her real name) as a Christmas present, and the puppy in a box is rumored to have been based on a real event in the life of Walt Disney.

Lady is raised in a very well-to-do family, and things seem to be ideal for her, until she learns that Darling and her husband Jim Dear (actually Jim, Dear) are expecting a baby. The neighborhood dogs Jock, a Scottish terrier, and Trusty, a bloodhound who has lost his sense of smell, try and convince Lady that the baby isn’t anything to worry about. That’s when Lady meets the Tramp, a homeless dog who is simply a free spirit living life on his own terms. He tries to give Lady the other version of the baby coming, speaking from experience of course, and it soon seems that she might be right.

Jim Dear and Darling take a much needed break after the baby is born, and Aunt Sarah comes to watch the infant, bringing with her two Siamese cats, Si and Am. The crafty felines get Lady in a heap of trouble and Aunt Sarah thinks the solution is a muzzle. Lady however runs away from the pet store and soon bumps into Tramp once again and before long, she finds herself in the pound. But, this is a Disney tale, and as we all know, they always have a happy ending.

Lady and the Tramp is something of a rarity in the grand scheme of Disney animation. Although the story is very loosely based on the 1937 book Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog, but it serves as more of an influence rather than being completely adapted from it. This is more of an original tale as opposed to those previously made that were based on stories and fairy tales. Lady and the Tramp also marked Disney’s first use of the newly created CinemaScope widescreen process and also was the first of their animated films to ever use the Buena Vista name.

At the heart of everything, Lady and the Tramp has two themes going for it. First, we see the difference in class, and in this case we have Lady, who is more of the debutant type of female character, a direct opposite of Tramp who more or less comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Despite their obvious differences, the two dogs get along quite well together, and this leads to the second theme of the story, that being a cleverly disguised, and quite simple, love story. And besides, even if you’re someone who has never seen this film before, there is at least one sequence that everyone knows; the spaghetti “kiss.” It’s something that is not only fondly remember by those who have seen Lady and the Tramp, it’s also a scene that has been parodied more than a time or two in cinema.

Like many of the films that were done before Walt Disney died in 1966, Lady and the Tramp shows the careful attention to detail that Walt always wanted to put into the company’s animation. Lady’s big, floppy ears are one of her most memorable traits, and the animators spared no expense in making sure they are noticeable. The way Jock walks, which is just like a terrier, is perfect, and there’s no chance that anyone could ever forget Si and Am, even though there are seen for only a few minutes in the movie. There are humans in the film as well, but they tend to take the backstage to the animal stars of the series. The turn of the century setting featuring cars and covered wagons as well as gas powered lighting also brings a great deal of life to the movie.

Another process used in Lady and the Tramp that was still in its infancy was the overdubbing process. Peggy Lee, who wrote the songs for the film and provided the voice for Darling, Peg (the impounded female dog who has a crush on Tramp) also did the voices for both Si and Am. The two cats only speak in the lyrical sense of the word, but Peggy Lee recorded one voice, and then recorded again for the other cat. Speaking of voices, also listen for the voice of Thurl Ravenscroft, a distinctive talent that some might recognize as the voice of Tony the Tiger but Disney fans will easily identify as the lead vocalist in the Haunted Mansions “Grim Grinning Ghosts” song (and is also featured as one of the busts on the ride.)

Lady and the Tramp has a gorgeous transfer to high definition, not any shock considering the care that Disney has put into their past blu-ray releases from the classic animation catalog. The colors are bright and vibrant, the level of detail even for this being an animated film are incredible. Even having seen the film far too many times, taking it all in on blu-ray again ended up being a remarkable experience that truly brings the magic of Disney, and particularly the genius of Walt Disney, to life like never before.

In her “jail house blues” song, Peg wishes that Tramp was double, and if that’s what you’re hoping for, your dreams will come true. Lady and the Tramp makes is blu-ray debut as a two-disc set with the blu-ray and DVD included although some might want to go the extra mile and triple their enjoyment with yet another edition which has a digital copy included. The disc includes a few new features but for the most part the blu-ray has the extra features from the classic DVD release. Diane Disney Miller provides a short but very heartfelt optional introduction to the movie which really gives even more heart to the movie. There is also a commentary track of sorts which features a collective of actors recreating the meetings that Walt and the staff of Lady and the Tramp had during the production of the movie. I’d really love to have more of this type of feature included on other Disney releases and hopefully there are more things like this sitting in the archives. This is also the third movie which features Disney’s Second Screen, a means of watching the movie with and optional video stream with artwork, interviews and other relevant information which can be watched via an iPad or PC. There currently isn’t an Android app for this but hopefully that will change.

There are three new deleted scenes which have made their way to this release. One of them, Waiting for Baby, would have made a great addition to the film and it’s too bad that it ended up not being included with the final version. Miller is featured once again in another short piece, Remembering Dad, which includes some great, archive film of Walt and his family, photos, and some fantastic video of Walt’s apartment in Disneyland. If you’re unaware of where this is located, just look about the firehouse on Main Street and also take note that at night there’s always a light on, a symbol that the spirit of Disney still lights the way and burns bright. Finally, for new material exclusive to the blu-ray, there’s another song that wasn’t included in the movie found here which would have been Tramp’s, until it was decided that he wasn’t the type of dog who would sing.

Carried over from the past DVD release of the film, there are two different animation sequences that were deleted from the film, and although they were never actually completed, there has been storyboards for them found in the Disney achieves. One is a reversal of roles where humans have gone to the dogs, quite literally while the other is an extended sequence leading up to the arrival of the baby. Dialog has been put into these storyboards to tell the tale and you can watch them with or without an introduction. “The Siamese Cat Song” is looked at a little closer in the music section and this included alternate takes of the song while a new version of “Belle Notte” performed by Steve Tyrell is included, though this rendition sounds much more like a lounge version.

Disney seems to always find something in the old achieves, and Lady and the Tramp is no different. There is a look at the storyboards from the film, as well as those of other Disney films, and you’ll learn a great deal about the animation process. You’ll also get a look at the original storyboards from 1943. There is a nearly hour long making of features that includes not only new footage and interviews, but classic Disney material from before the movie was released. There are two different promotional excerpts from the Disneyland television show and even the theatrical trailers from the original and re-releases of Lady and the Tramp.

It may be a simple tale, but that’s part of the beauty of Lady and the Tramp. Having hit yet another millstone since it was released I believe that Walt would be quite proud to see that this as well as the other theatrical features he was behind have held up so well and have entertained generations. These puppies are just begging to wag their way into your blu-ray collection, and Lady and the Tramp is a must have for not only the Disney fan, but those that love a story that can be watched over and over which will still pull you along from start to finish on your proverbial leash.

Mike is the resident reviewer for Couponing to Disney and his own site Underland Online. He has a toddler daughter and is obsessed with Haunted Mansion and all things Disney. You can read Mike’s complete bio here.

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Barbie Fashion Design Plates and Doll $9.88


Barbie Fashion Design Plates and Doll is just $9.88 (was $16.99) on Amazon. My daughter has this toy and loves it!

  • Girls become the designer for Barbie
  • Just swipe, color and design!
  • Choose the bodice, torso and bottom
  • Transfer designs to clothing by rubbing
  • Further tailor with stickers and clothing markers

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