Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Popcorn Bucket at Walt Disney World


There is a new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train popcorn bucket available at Walt Disney World (and maybe Disneyland too? Usually they go to both parks). This bucket opens up like a treasure chest and if you purchase multiples, they can be linked together.

These popcorn buckets can be found in the Magic Kingdom. I am not sure on price, but I am guessing it is around $12.95 – $14.95. If anyone finds one, be sure to let us know!

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Unique Disney Souvenirs

Disney Souvenirs

Do you have a large collection of Disney T shirts?  Is your cabinet over flowing with Disney Coffee Mugs?  I do admit every trip I have to get a new Disney Ornament for my tree and this is one purchase that will not change.  However, I now try to find something new and different each trip.  Here are a few things that I have collected during my trips.  I have to admit one of the Best Places in Walt Disney World to find Unique Disney Souvenirs is Epcot!  Most of the amazing, unique souvenirs I have purchased have come from the Countries around World Showcase.

This new tradition started when we were walking through Epcot and decided that it would be fun to collect a Magnet from each of the Countries.  This became a fun game for everyone. When we went into each country we tried to find the best magnet and choose as a family which one was the winner!  We now have a display of the unique magnets from each country in the World Showcase.

When visiting the Mexico Pavilion, take a moment and look at the beautiful wood carvings that are on display.  I was so surprised when I was looking at these wonderful pieces to see one that had a special meaning to me.  It was a little orange pumpkin with a lady bug sitting on it! It fit my family perfect because the special nicknames for my children are Pumpkin and Bugs.

Visit the Japan pavilion and “Pick a Pearl”.  This is a wonderful thing you can do each trip.  I have my kids work together and pick one of the oysters for me.  They carefully look at each tank of oysters to pick out the perfect one that they have agreed upon.  To me it is special because it is something that comes from them.  They have a fun little show that they put on to open your shell, the kids love the experience and are so excited to see how big the pearl is they picked.  You can choose to put the pearl on a setting they have for sale or just collect the pearls.  You can also bring them back on future trips to have something made.  Just keep your bag with the size of the pearl.

In France you can get a special umbrella painted for you or someone special to you.  You can choose the design that you want to make your souvenir one of a kind.  At the cart right next to the umbrellas you can also have Silhouettes made showing one or multiple family members.  This is one of my favorite purchases!  These amazing pieces can be purchased at the carts near Showcase Lagoon.  They can be a special gift for grandparents or parent or yourself.

There are so many other special souvenirs you can purchase at Epcot and throughout the Walt Disney Resort Area.  We have purchased our Family Crest and History in the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot.  This is a beautiful piece that my husband has proudly displayed and shows off to any visitors.  Fun family Caricatures can be purchased at any of the parks or Resorts.  Next time you visit Walt Disney World stop before you purchase another t-shirts or mug look past them to see what unique gifts you can find!

Written by Tabitha Candebat: Tabitha’s obsession with a little mouse named Mickey began at age 4 when she received her first set of “Mouse Ears”. With over 50 trips to Disney World, she loves to share her knowledge and passion by Planning Disney vacations for other guests. Catch the Disney fever with Tabitha! Email, Request a Quote or Call her at (504)296-6637 today! It’s time to book your next Disney World vacation. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Cost of Disney Balloons in Walt Disney World


The cost of the Disney balloons in Walt Disney World:

The popular clear balloon with colorful Mickey shaped insert sells for $12.

At night, they have a flashing colored balloon that sells for around $15.

Balloons can be purchase in the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. They are allowed in every resort except for Animal Kingdom Lodge where they can be stored in Luggage Services.

If you are flying, you can still purchase a balloon and consider gifting it to another child on the last day of your vacation.

If the balloon deflates, return it to a balloon vendor and they will give you a new balloon. If you have a stroller, tie it onto the handle so you can find your stroller quickly.

And don’t forget to take a picture of your kids holding their balloon!


Learn more about souvenirs in the Walt Disney World parks plus Destinations in Florida can help you choose your souvenir purchases on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Made with Magic Products Coming To Disney


Disney is changing the name of the Glow With The Show ears to Made with Magic and they will be adding new items to the product line. In addition to the ears hat, you will be able to get a set of Minnie Mouse ears headband, a Mickey glove hand or a magic wand. Each item will have a retail value of $25.00.

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Replace Broken Souvenirs at Walt Disney World


You can replace broken souvenirs at Walt Disney World by visiting the store that carries the item and presenting your broken item to the Cast Member at the register. It does not even have to be the original store of purchase. As long as they carry it, they will replace it.

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Disney World Halloween Fun with a FREE New App

disney world halloween

Are you ready for some Disney World Halloween fun?  Disney just released a brand new app called Mayhem at the Mansion.  Our family has been anxiously awaiting this app for months.  We were actually the talent that is in the new video, so we got to try out this new app months ago.  I think my kids have been asking me daily when the new app comes out!  It is finally here, so get ready to download it and start the Disney World Halloween fun now.  You do not even have to wait until you get to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  You can play today!

What is the New Disney App for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

The new app is called Mayhem at the Mansion and can uploaded to any smart phone.  The story behind the games is some ghosts have disappeared from the Haunted Mansion.  You are on the lookout for these ghosts.  There are several spots throughout Magic Kingdom Park that you can stop and use your smart phone with the new app to look for the ghosts.  You will hold your phone up in the designated spot and a ghost will pop up on your phone.  It is amazing!  You can then get a picture with just the ghosts or the whole family can hop into the picture!  Here is a quick video about how to use the Mayhem at the Mansion app on your smart phone.

How Can I Use the App Today?  

If you are coming to Disney World in a few weeks for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or if you want a fun activity for the kids, go ahead and download this app to your smart phone or tablet.  Then go to the website.  Select download the brochure now at the bottom of this page.  You then hold up your smart phone or tablet to the computer and you will see a surprise!  My kids loved it.  Here is a video about how to use a smart phone or tablet to see this secret message.

What do you like to do at Disney World for Halloween?  Leave a comment with your favorite activities for Halloween.

Written By Allison Jones:  Allison has either worked or played at Disney World for the past 35 years.  She was a past Cast Member at Typhoon Lagoon and Tower of Terror.  She continued her love of Disney by starting Destinations in Florida Travel.  With over 60 agents, Destinations in Florida is considered the premier travel agency by guests, media, and the destinations themselves.  Contact Allison at if you would like her or her team to book your upcoming Disney & Orlando vacation.

Disney Bounding Inspired by Anna from Disney’s Frozen

Have you heard about Disney Bounding?  It is getting inspiration from your favorite Disney Characters in your day to day style.  As an Orlando local that grew up with Disney, everyone always asks me why I do not have any “Mickey Mouse shirts?”  I do not have any Disney clothes, but I certainly have Disney style using Disney Bounding.

Each week I am going to share an outfit, inspired by a character.  I like Disney, but you also may see some inspiration from some other fun characters. For this week, I fell in love with the characters from the Disney’s Frozen.  I know a lot of other people did, too.  I created an outfit inspired by that fun loving character, Anna from Disney’s Frozen.  With summer almost over and everyone looking to fall fashions, I thought this was a great outfit to kick off the Disney Bounding series with Couponing to Disney. Untitled design (20) I thought this was an easy outfit to create at home with a blue dress, black vest, and black shoes.  I would suggest finding your local Goodwill to search for a purple jacket.  I found one for only $4 plus a $10 dry cleaning fee for a total of $14.  Great deal for a bright jacket moving into fall.  For the fun Norwegian inspired purse, I actually found it at TJ Maxx.  My whole outfit was under $30 using the pieces I purchased and pieces at home, all with the inspiration of Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

If you create a Disney Bounding outfit inspired by Anna from Disney’s Frozen, please leave a comment and share!

Written by Allison Jones:  Allison has either worked or played at Disney World for the past 35 years.  She was a past Cast Member at Typhoon Lagoon and Tower of Terror.  She continued her love of Disney by starting Destinations in Florida Travel.  Contact Allison at if you would like her or her team to book your upcoming Disney & Orlando vacation.

FREE Custom Walt Disney World Map Souvenirs

Create your FREE Custom Walt Disney World Map Souvenirs before or even after your trip (just click on the banner above). If you are taking your children, one of the greatest things that I have found surprise your family with a trip to Disney World are the Disney Customized Maps.

These are special maps that you can order free of charge from the Disney World website once every six months. They are printed with all of your favorites listed for each of the parks, and they come on oversize, durable paper so that you can keep them as a souvenir for years to come.


There are two designs that you can choose from, the classic design (pictured above) and the character design (shown below). Personally, I prefer the classic design; even though you can’t tell from the image above, the paper reminds me of the type of parchment paper that you would see the location of buried treasure marked on. For Magic Kingdom, the character that is shown is Dumbo, for Epcot, Nemo, for Hollywood Studios, Woody, and for Animal Kingdom, Simba. In addition to the style of map you want, you can also select your own favorite locations, or you can choose favorites based on an age range.

To order the maps you do have to have an account at In addition, you need to provide your address so that they can be mailed to you. Unfortunately the maps can only be sent to addresses in the United States. However, one thing that you can do if you live outside the US is to print out the maps yourself! This isn’t quite the same feel as getting them in the mailbox, but it’s the next best thing. You can also print them out at home at any time if you are waiting out your six-month window between ordering for home delivery.

If you are looking for a neat, free Disney keepsake, keep the Customized Maps in mind and order a set, even if you don’t have a trip planned yet!

Collect Stickers From Walt Disney World


Collect stickers from Walt Disney World and start your own collection. Cast Members pass out stickers to guests throughout the parks. The most popular sticker is Mickey Mouse, but there are quite a few to collect if you are always on the lookout.

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World Showcase Passports in Epcot


If your children want to complete a fun mission around the World Showcase, you can purchase World Showcase Passports in Epcot. You will find the World Showcase Passport for sell throughout Epcot, but the best place to purchase them is at the Tower Gift Shop located at the beginning of the World Showcase.

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